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Customer hands you the key to their brand new Tesla. You open the driver side door and sit down … wait a second, are you really going to sit in that ultra white interior without any protection? A clear plastic disposable car seat cover will immediately show the customer their brand new Tesla is in the right hands. You now have the seat covered … but when you sit, consider this. The customer literally just picked up the car and came straight from the dealer to your shop to get tint.

Do not put your dirty shoes on those brand new floor mats. Instead, consider putting down a disposable paper floor mat. Paper floor mats come to about 21 cents for both the driver and passenger side.

You can protect that steering wheel with a disposable steering wheel cover for only 13 cents. Most likely to get wet award goes to the door panels. You have a few options to keep them dry. Disposable — Door panels can be protected from water using a self adhesive plastic film.

It is great option because of how easily it sticks to the panel, exactly where you place it, without worry of leaving any residue. It can be a bit tricky to pull the material off the roll without it sticking to itself. I recommend mounting it on a wall rack horizontally, much like a roll of vinyl, so you can use both hands to pull off the mount you need without having to also hold the roll.

Reusable — Edge Film Technologies offers door panel cover that they say can be used up to 6 times. Soakshield has teased us with a picture of their upcoming door panel guards. No indication on pricing yet but if they are anything like the ropes and dash covers, they will be worth every penny.

The electronics living under the front dash and in the rear sides also need to be protected from water exposure. Soakshield has this completely covered with their large microfibers dash towels and windshield ropes. Their soak ropes are available in 3 sizes and 10 color blends.

Tint companies that embrace going the extra mile with preparation and care will be the ones that earn more and more marketshare. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong.Tinting your Tesla model 3 keeps some of the suns heat out, preserving your battery power for driving instead of cooling. Plus it looks cool! If you need more protection than just tint, check out the Model 3 glass roof sunshade options. One of the most common aftermarket changes people make is adding Tesla Model 3 tint — and the main question is how much should you tint the windows?

While it is subjective, depending on local laws, temperature of your climate, and even how good you think your eyesight is for driving at night, here are some of the most common questions and some images of the best window tint for the Model 3.

When you are thinking of adding tinting Tesla Model 3, consider how dark you want to make the tint. The darker the tint, the lower the percentage as the percentage rating of the tint represents the amount of light it lets through.

This is typically the legal limit of tint allowed. In most countries, tinting the windshield is illegal. However, most states allow the top 6 inches or 5 inches in some states to be tinted a non reflective color. There are some horror stories of people with illegally tinted windows being involved in motor vehicle accidents, and the judge letting the insurance off without paying because the vehicle was in an illegal status that affected the drivers ability to see and drive safely. For that reason, we recommend not tinting the windshield, and just tinting your eyes with sunglasses!

Tinting the rear window in a Model 3 has a slight challenge — what do you do with the transition to the factory tinted roof? Some tint shops have installed a single, seamless piece of tint all the way up the rear window and onto the roof.

Because the piece of glass is so large, this requires a large roll of tint, and applying the window tint from top to bottom, rather than side to side as is typically done. Because the Tesla Model 3 rear window is so large, a typical H shrink pattern causes large fingers at the top and bottom. Instead, rotate the H sideways into a capital I pattern and that causes multiple smaller finger along the sides of the rear window that are easier to shrink. Here is a video that shows the process.

This particular tint shop does so many Model 3 vehicles that it made sense to them to buy the piece of glass from Tesla to prepare tint sheets before they had a customer bring their Model 3 into the shop.

Many Model 3 owners opt not to tint it further.

how to tint a tesla

Or, if you purchase the sun shade, then just close that and skip the tint! Ceramic tint film is the highest quality of tint film — and also the most expensive. It also allows maximum functionality for cell phones and GPS systems. In addition, it makes windows highly shatter-proof.When the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled init was a genuine revelation. Already the world had seen the fine electric automobiles Tesla Inc.

Finally a cutting edge technology had reached a level of development such that production costs did not create a price prohibitive product. Still, the Tesla Model 3 is an investment worth protecting, especially as these well made cars can last for many years. And window tint for Tesla Model 3 cars might just be the best way to protect these fine vehicles. One major reason why window film for Tesla Model 3s is so important?

All that glass up there on the roof.

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The oversized glass roof and rear windshield of the Tesla Model 3 are a major selling factor for this car. The large transparent panel creates an amazing view of the sky and the surroundings and coupled with the front windshield and windows it makes the cabin of the Model 3 feel open and spacious. And that's not to mention how great the car looks from the outside. But that massive rear panel of glass means that a Model 3 tint job must be completed using pieces of window film that measure at least 60 inches, and many window tinting companies don't have the right materials, equipment, or experience to complete single piece window tint for Model 3 installations.

how to tint a tesla

We, fortunately, are not like many window tinting companies; we have the products, tools, and know how to tint a Model 3 using single pieces of window film so there are never any seams showing. The result is a car that looks better and tint that performs better, blocking out more of the unwanted infrared and ultraviolet light that can make driving less enjoyable than it should be.

While the Model 3 rear windshield and roof are the largest piece of glass on the car, the front windshield on many models of the car is also massive compared the windshield of standard sedans. Model 3 windshield tinting requires expert use of the best window tint and the right tools, especially when a customer has the stunning all-glass roof option.

We ensure a seamless finish when the glass panels of the roof meet, leaving you with a car that looks fresh from the factory, albeit now with greatly enhanced tinting over the middling Model 3 factory tint.

So we have established that our shop is able to handle Tesla Model 3 roof tinting, but let's take a moment to talk about why window film for a Model 3 is so important. And for the record, though window tint helps a car look it's best, the more important reasons have nothing to do with style. All the glass present on a Model 3 means a significant amount of interior exposure to sunlight.

That often means a car cabin that is significantly heated up. In fact, on sunny days where the temperature is above 80 degrees, the interior of a car can get as hot as degrees Fahrenheit with extended exposure to the sunlight. That's literally hotter than a sauna. Even on days with 70 degree temperatures the inside of a car can get hotter than degrees. When you get the best window tint for a Tesla Model 3, you can count on a dramatic reduction of that solar heating.

Window film also reduces the glare that can make driving unpleasant and unsafe, all without reducing the visual clarity you enjoy out through the windows and roof of your vehicle.

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The price of Model 3 window tint varies depending on the exact variety of the car you have and based on the window film you choose for it. But what does not vary is the worthwhile investment you are making when you tint your Model 3. Car window tint can start saving you money on day one by reducing the need for AC thanks to cooler cabin temperatures, and that means less drain on the battery and less recharging.

Tesla Model 3 window tinting advice

Also it means longer range. And as window tint protects your Model 3's upholstery and interior against fading and damage, it means less need for repair and more resale value retained. When you think of it that way, Model 3 window tint cost is well worth it. When a Tesla Model 3 rolled out of the factory, it has window tint applied to the glass. That Tesla factory window tint simply can't match the rest of the car in terms of quality, though.

The faint factory tint on a Model 3, used in order to ensure compliance with various state laws, is barely enough to reduce the effects of sunlight. A re-tint job is critical if you want to enjoy any of the appreciable benefits of window tint for a Tesla. We make sure your car maintains its looks or is enhanced in appearance by our window films, and of course enhanced in performance as well.

The best window tint for a Model 3 is the window film that has the stats and the style you like the most. Rather there are several great window films from which we invite you to choose, and we will be happy to conduct an in person demonstration of these fine window tint options for your Tesla Model 3. We can show you a live heat demo using a heat gun to replicate sunlight, we can show you the various shades and levels of darkening found with various tints, and we can go over costs and installation processes, too.

We will help you choose the best window film for a Tesla Model 3 because we know it's an important decision -- after all, great window tint will last for the lifetime of the Tesla Model 3.April edited November -1 in Model 3. OK, there are 2 ways to tint the rear window; 1. Tint just the lower portion of it so that the top, roof part, is not tinted as it already has the Tesla factory tint.

This will show a line where the edge of the tint is. It may look ugly. Tint the entire rear window glass. However, this will result in the rear roof part to be double tinted as it already has the factory tint from Tesla. This will result in loss of the rear seat passenters' view of the sky. The rear seat passengers will get a new black colored ceiling. What should I do? April edited November Definitely option 2 but don't make it too dark.

April edited April I agree with surfpearl. I just tinted the windows last Friday. Go with option two, the car looks even better afterwards! I also did option 2. Google it and you can see what option 1 looks like.

From the inside of the car, it looks pretty bad. Techy James. Are you not worried about the rear window cracking when you do a Tint to rear window? Here in northern Ohio I had my rear window crack on the defrost line without the tinting. When I was looking at options to tint windows, the installer noted that there was increased risk of the rear window cracking on the Tesla Model 3 when using the defrost in the winter especially on a sunny cold day. The view isn't obstructed at all, except maybe at night they may miss some of the dimmer stars.

Looks great.

how to tint a tesla

Make sure you find someone willing to do it in one piece, I had to search around to find a shop willing to do it. I bought the two shades that Tesla sells. They clip in and are mesh so easy to see through. If you are sight seeing it's easy to take the front top one out and store it in a little envelope that easily fits below the floor in the trunk or in the frunk.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SoFlaModel3 Moderator Moderator. TOO Supporting Member. Feb 17, Last Saturday, I went in with a plan I got to the shop with my plan and the guy told me they had already done 2 and his recommendation was to cut the back window at the top defroster line. Moral of the story if you have OCD tendencies like me, do not get talked into anything less than the full rear window being done!

Last edited: Jun 9, Jayc Well-known member Feb 17, Thanks for the heads up but I like the results. I'm wiling to bet it looks better externally with a partial tint on rear window - my personal reference of course.

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So, to clarify, the rear window was done in two pieces? My plan from the beginning was been to tint the entire rear window. Quicksilver said:. MelindaV said:.

BEST way to TINT a Tesla Model X with Ceramic Tint (+FULL Windshield) - Houston, TX

Some of the reveal demo cars had partial tint as far as I can remember and they looked stunning to me. What I had in mind was a gradually decreasing tint with gradient starting from cross beam. Whoops let me clarify.Of all the vehicle owners we talk to, Tesla owners are some of the most knowledgeable. After all, they love their vehicles and want to protect their investment. With this in mind, what does it take to properly tint a Tesla?

How can a shop achieve the absolute best tint job for this unique type of vehicle? Have you ever seen a Tesla with tint that has a seam through it? It looks super lazy. What causes this seam is using two pieces of tint to cover the extra-large glass of Teslas. Plenty of tint shops will not, or cannot, carry the larger rolls of tint required to tint the Model X windshield or a Model 3 rear glass. Ceramic window tint is the best window tint you can get right now.

When working on a Tesla, this is the type of tint you want to use 9 times out of Compared to other window tints, which can contain signal-interfering metals, ceramic window tint guarantees zero signal interference.

This means the technology built into a Tesla will be able to work as advertised. After all, this is one big reason you bought a Tesla. Transitional window films need UV radiation to trigger their reaction. With many Tesla model installed with Lamisafe laminated glass; this will affect the transition.

Many Teslas already come with UV filtering technology. The Lamisafe laminated glass—used on roof glass and windshields—has UV filtering. This makes them a great candidate for some Maryland Tesla window tinting. The result? We are the highest rated Maryland Tesla window tinting company. We deliver the highest level of quality for all our Tesla customization options at fair and honest prices.

Our team is still available to provide quotes and help plan your project despite the impact of COVID Call us today at ! Tell us a little about your project Don't be afraid to tell us about your timeline and budget.

We are straightforward about our products and pricing and knowing where you are coming from helps us hit the target. Kyle Azat T September 25th, Uncategorized.

How to Properly Tint a Tesla

Go to Top.April edited November -1 in Model 3. I asked them how much it would be for ceramic window tinting for the sunroof, back window, and 4 doors. I about dropped the phone, is this a normal price for ceramic tint?

Seems a bit excessive although it is a lot of glass to cover. It gets pretty hot I'm going to call a few more places but I wanted to know what ya'll paid for your window tinting and what type of film you used.

Is the Ceramic worth it? Should I go with something else? Thanks in advance. April edited April Thats definitely pretty high in my opinion, there are places in Austin that'll do it all for if you want the back glass roof done too. Consider not doing the roof and it should be around ? For ceramic. They did a great job. April edited November SRod, that sounds pretty good and their ratings are really good too. Glad to hear they do one piece because I've heard some places trying to split it in half, yuck!

Did you do the sunroof area? I've never done the windshield either but I've always been curious to see what it looks like, you have any pictures you could share? Just dropped off my car to a tint shop in Valencia CA. Tint shop has over 5 star reviews Did not do the moonroof or windshield. Looks great! Formula 1 Pinnacle Ceramic in Utah.

Pardon my stupidity, but what are ceramic tints? Isn't tinting just a thin film of sticky celophane-like material? Just got a quote, gonna go Ceramic but thinking of not doing the rear this time. Field of rear view visibility is very narrow already and top half of rear is already heavily tinted May edited May I am looking for an installer.

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